The first app that reads body language for you.

Body Language Decoder -

Find out if someone likes you.
Did you just meet an attractive stranger over your lunch break?  Are you on a first date and want to find out how you're doing?  Are you playing wingman for a friend?  It's easy with the Body Language Decoder.
Improve any social situation.
Want to find out if a potential customer likes your sales pitch?  Are you making a good first impression with your new boss?  Find out now with the Body Language Decoder.
Instantly read body language – no training required!
There are a lot of great books about body language, but who has time to read and study all that material?  The Body Language Decoder does the work for you.

How it works:

1. Choose one person to observe.

3. Check your instincts.

2. Tap the gestures you see.

Why read body language?

Let's face it.  

With many social interactions, you have a goal in mind.  You want something from the other person.

To get her phone number, to close a sale, to make a good first impression.  

The Body Language Decoder helps you achieve that goal.  

How? By telling you how comfortable a person is with you.

If a person is comfortable, you know they're at ease with you and open to what you have to offer. You're on the right track. But if a person is uncomfortable, you know something is preventing them from opening up to you. You have work to do.

Armed with this knowledge, you can adjust your strategy. Go for the close if they're comfortable. Or change your behavior if they're not.

Either way,
you gain confidence in how to proceed.

And it's not a one-way street! Imagine how appreciative the other person will be because you're trying to make them feel more comfortable.


I bought this app tonight and already reaped the benefits with the opposite sex!
Not sure if anyone has watched the show "Lie to Me" but this app is like having his brain in an easily accessible resource.
Scott W.

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Choose someone to observe.

Decide whose body language you're going to analyze.

Are they male or female?  

Sitting or standing?

The Body Language Decoder separates these important factors allowing you to focus on what's important.

Tap what you see.

Tap 3 or more gestures you observe.  For our purposes, gestures are physical actions observable to the naked eye.

If you're observing from afar, tap away.  But, it may be awkward to use the app while you're talking to the person.  

That's why we've picked gestures that are easy to observe and remember.  

So, if you're on a date or in a sales meeting, excuse yourself for a minute – the bathroom perhaps – and start tapping gestures you remember seeing.
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Decode and discover.

After tapping 3 or more gestures, tap the Decode button.

This is where the magic happens.

The app calculates a Comfort Level – a measurement of how comfortable the other person is with you.  

How we calculate the Comfort Level is backed by a year of academic research and field testing.  

If they're comfortable, you're on the right track and closer to your goal.  But if they're not comfortable, what do you do? Read on.

Find out what to do next.

If the other person shows discomfort, we won't leave you hanging!

The good news is you can change how someone feels about you. And we give you suggestions on how to do just that.

You get different suggestions each time, tailored to the Comfort Level and the gestures you selected.

Give them a try!

After interacting with the other person a little more, decode their body language again to see if their Comfort Level has improved.
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Beautiful illustrations.
Animated gestures.
Backed by a year of academic research.
No internet required.
No ads.
Extensively field tested.

You can observe a lot just by watching.
Yogi Berra